Terms of Service
Updated: April 7th 2018

This agreement (“Terms of Service”) governs the way in which you (“the user”, “users”, “you”, or “your”) may use any of the websites, mobile apps, or software products (the “Services”) owned by Inner Hero LLC (“Inner Hero”, “we”, or “us”). Use of the Services is also governed by the Privacy Policy (the “Policy”). By accessing, installing, and using any of the Services, you agree to the terms listed in this agreement, and all other applicable policies and agreements. If you do not agree with any of the terms, simply do not, or stop using the Services.

Limited License
By accessing the Services, and upon agreement of the terms, we grant you a limited, non-transferable, revocable, and non-exclusive license to use the Services for personal and entertainment use only.

You shall NOT use the Services to:
  • Advertise your own business, or spam other users for commercial benefit.
  • Sell your account, or buy another user(s) account.
  • Use the Service if you have been banned.
  • Use falsified information to access the Services.

Additionally, you are also bound to these limitations, and in NO CASE:
  • Use or create illegal third party software such as hacks or bots to interfere with the Service.
  • Access any information from the Services in a third party system that is not through the Service itself.
  • Modify any information in the Services.
  • Use another users account.
  • Decompile, reverse-engineer, or expose the underlying software of the Services.
  • Access the servers from a third party system, or from any unauthorized system.
  • Harass, spam, use profane language, or further exploit any chat or communications systems in the Services.
  • Use nudity, violence, or offensive content in any of the Services that allow uploads of media and/or text.
  • Collect, give, or trade private/sensitive information with other users.
  • Purchase in-game items via falsified, illegal, or third party software.
  • Sell in-game items to other users for real currency or commercial purposes.

Your account
By using the Services, you may be prompted to open a user account. The information of your account is governed by the Privacy Policy. You are solely responsible for any passwords, or other sensitive information regarding your account, and its access. Any username or alias you may choose can be modified or removed by Inner Hero if it is in violation of the terms of this agreement.

Account suspension and termination
Your account may be suspended or terminated by Inner Hero at any time if there is suspicion or evidence of a violation of any of the terms of this Agreement. Your account may become unusable at this time, and Inner Hero has no obligation to refund, or compensate you for any in game items, purchased or not, while using the Service.

Inner Hero also holds the right to suspend or terminate any of the Services at any time. We are not responsible or obliged to refund or compensate any in game items, purchased or not, while using the Service.

Inner Hero also holds the right to suspend or terminate any account that has been inactive for over 180 days.

Ownership rights
Inner Hero has rights to all content of the Services. This includes all copyrights, trademarks, or patents. The Services may include art assets, names, and proprietary software code. These are all owned by Inner Hero, and may not be copied or reused by any means, unless consented by Inner Hero. By using your account, you are licensed to do so, and under full agreement of the terms of the Agreement.

Inner Hero also owns all accounts made by using the Service. You agree that you do not own your account, and do not own any virtual items, whether purchased or earned. Inner Hero owns the account in full, and is in NO WAY obliged to compensate or refund you or your account for any reason.

User Content
In the Services, you may have the chance to submit user content. This content may be any media, image, video, or text. You are solely responsible for any content you submit to the Services. Do not submit any personal information. Your user content may be seen by anyone using the Service, and it is your responsibility to not submit any personal information. This may include trade secrets, or confidential information.

Inner Hero does not have the means to screen every piece of user content submitted to the Services. It is your responsibility to report any content that violates the Agreement.

Inner Hero is not responsible for any content submitted by other users. There may be offensive, or violent, content posted by others users. You are responsible to report any of this content to Inner Hero, and we are not responsible for you seeing this content.

In the Service, you may choose to purchase virtual goods. This purchase grants you a license to use these items. You may only purchase virtual goods for the Service by Inner Hero authorized means. Never purchase, or transfer virtual goods outside of the Service, or through third party systems.

All sales are final. There will be no refunds, or compensation for unused goods, terminated accounts, or for any other reason not mentioned.

Inner Hero does not warrant use of the Services. There may be times when the Service is down for maintenance, or there may be times when the Service is down. Inner Hero does not guarantee 100% up time for the Services, and we are not obliged to compensate the users for any time missed with the Service.

Changes to the Agreement
We encourage you to periodically review the Agreement and the date mentioned above for the latest changes to the Agreement. We may make changes to the Agreement at any time. The date will be changed at the top of the Agreement to reflect if any changes have been made.

Acceptance of the terms
By accessing and using any of the Services, you fully agree to the terms of the Agreement. If you do not agree to the Agreement, please stop, or do not use the Services. If you continue to use the Services, you continue to agree to the terms.

Contacting us
If you have any questions or concerns about the Agreement, please contact us at [email protected]