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Join in the exploration of a rich and ruthless universe run by space mavericks and heroes, competing in an intergalactic free-for-all for valuable resources and equipment.

Build and expand your base from a small outpost to an active and heavily defended center for civilization in the reaches of space.

UNLOCK and UPGRADE multiple structures for resources, development, and defense
RELOCATE to your favorite location in the universe
STRATEGIZE and DESIGN your base to make sure that all structures are connected to the power grid
FAST PACED space battles with STRATEGIC choices
CHOOSE and CONTROL elite Hero Ship units to determine your own tactics in the flow of battle
TRADE items and resources with users worldwide
COMPETE in weekly tournaments for rewards such as rare equipment and gear
CUSTOMIZE your experience with unique abilities, and a point-based player talent system
ROBUST equipment system for millions of different possible setups
ALLY with others by creating your FEDERATION or joining others
REWARDS based PVP, win or lose, KEEP your hard earned resources
STATELESS servers, play with any friend, anywhere

Select Heroes to pilot your most advanced ships, and strategically place turrets and traps inside your base to defend your position. Make sure to utilize the power grid for maximum efficiency!
Trade resources and equipment with your allies, and join or start your own Federation to participate in weekly tournaments for galactic rewards!
As you grow, enlist more Heroes, unlock more ships, and relocate your base to any number of remote sites across the universe.
Completely customizable hero units with special skills, equipment and abilities.
Tons of resources for crafting and upgrades.
Private chat rooms for those intense negotiations.
Completely unleashed trade system. Trade anything with anyone. Players dictate the market.
No matter if you win or lose, all resources you obtain will remain yours. None of your hard earned supplies will suddenly disappear because you were attacked.
Unique energy grid system where you choose and manage your buildings.
Spend your skill points as you level to strengthen your play style. Only like to build? Gain perks unique to you.
Create federations with your friends and dominate the leaderboards!
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Meet the Heroes
  1. Alexium Tirus
    Alexium Tirus
    Alexium is relatively unknown. He came to us as a volunteer. During testing we realized he would make an outstanding pilot and through hard work he has made our hero roster. However, he does have a tendency to play inappropriate practical jokes during combat.
  2. Arig Gorn
    Arig Gorn
    Arig quickly made his way through the academy. He has always been an impressive pilot but with an obnoxious tendency to goad and infuriate his opponents. It almost got him expelled, but on the battlefield it is a thing of beauty.
  3. Ava Valryn
    Ava Valryn
    A long time ago, a beautiful girl was taken prison as her family was killed and village destroyed by raiders. By sheer force of will she killed her captors and asked for asylum. She has been Orin’s squire for years now. She’s ready.
  4. Baelum
    As a child, Baelum was within a dead-zone of an Orbital Ballistic Strike. A week later he was pulled from the rubble unscathed. To this day, many are still unsure what to make of him and typically avoid him at all costs. Everyone except Remin.
  5. Luusto
    Luusto is actually much younger than the other heroes. He benefits from clairvoyance, making him more mature and much more versatile on the battlefield. However, due to his age he still prefers to engage at safer distances than his colleagues.
  6. Orin Thane
    Orin Thane
    Once an orphan adopted to squire for legendary spaceship pilot Kiro. He learned the tricks of the trade at a young age. 27 years later his invaluable knowledge has become the foundation on which he leads his fleets to victory.
  7. Remin Deyvok
    Remin Deyvok
    By far our most mysterious hero. He was relatively normal until an incident with a black hole. He somehow found a way to escape the event horizon. Ever since then, his eyes glow and he moves so quickly he can evade ballistic fire.
  8. Samora
    Samora is something of a unique case. She’s actually a wanted criminal. However, we have determined that she isn’t cruel, just broke. With enough flattery and money she has been a welcome addition to our hero roster.
  9. Sidna-16
    Sidna is an Alrydian war hero who was crippled terribly escaping an extinction level event on her homeworld. She requested this R16 Telepathy Bot stay connected to her at all times so she can still do what she loves. We gladly agreed.
  10. Tyric Solvaris
    Tyric Solvaris
    Tyric is named after his great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather. He comes from a long line of formidable heroes. When he enlisted he assured us he would be among the best. We have yet to meet a Solvaris who lies.
About Us
Inner Hero LLC is a small team of passionate individuals that each possess unique talents that combine to span the necessary skill sets to create wonderful video games. We have been working on smaller projects together for several years, and finally formed Inner Hero LLC in 2017.

We are currently working on Fleets of Heroes with which we hope to redefine the base building genre and push the mobile industry to the next level. Fleets of Heroes has been the type of project we always dreamed of building, and we finally have the talent together to make the dream a reality.

We are looking forward to launching Fleets of Heroes as our company’s first official game later on in 2018 to both iOS and Android. Inner Hero LLC will not stop with Fleets of Heroes, and we already have more projects on the drawing board for the future.