Fleets of Heroes is an all new base builder set in space! Tons of new and unique features as well as multiple gameplay styles and modes will keep you fighting for the top rankings.

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Completely customizable hero units with special skills, equipment and abilities.
Tons of resources for crafting and upgrades.
Customizable chat rooms for those intense negotiations.
Completely unleashed trade system. Trade anything with anyone. Players dictate the market.
No matter if you win or lose, all resources you obtain will remain yours. None of your hard earned supplies will suddenly disappear because you were attacked.
Unlimited building mechanic. Build most buildings as many times as you want, provided you have the space.
Spend your talent points as you level to strengthen your play style.  Only like to build? Gain perks unique to you.
Create fleets with your friends and dominate the leaderboards!
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Inner Hero LLC is a small team of passionate individuals that each possess unique talents that combine to span the necessary skill sets to create wonderful video games. We have been working on smaller projects together for several years, and finally formed Inner Hero LLC in 2017.

We are currently working on Fleets of Heroes with which we hope to redefine the base building genre and push the mobile industry to the next level. Fleets of Heroes has been the type of project we always dreamed of building, and we finally have the talent together to make the dream a reality.

We are looking forward to launching Fleets of Heroes as our company’s first official game later on in 2017 to both android and iOS. Inner Hero LLC will not stop with Fleets of Heroes, and we already have more projects on the drawing board for the future.